Even More Metro Atlanta Patients have been injured by Atlanta Chiropractors

Many Atlanta Metro residents have been injured by Atlanta Chiropractors

First, let me state, there are lots of good Chiropractors in the Atlanta area, unfortunately, I did not have one of these. Check the list at the bottom of this page for the seedy, greedy, non-trusted Atlanta chiropractors to see if your chiropractor has lawsuits pending, malpractice suits, or worse…

Sure they put on a big smile when we come in… But what are these slimy chiropractors really thinking about? You guessed it!!! $$$

Do your research – Please stay informed – Do not let my story become yours… I was recently injured by an Atlanta chiropractor. I went in for a simple adjustment, but an Atlanta area chiropractor provided terrible service and severely injured my neck and back. I thought that I might be the only person who had received such awful service, but after doing extensive legal and court research about Atlanta chiropractors, I have found that this happens much more than we think. Atlanta has some of the worst chiropractors in the nation, and many lawsuits have been filed on these careless chiropractic clinics.

That is exactly why I created this site, to warn others about the bad Atlanta area chiropractors. Now, of course, there are good chiropractors in Atlanta also, to this end, I have been conducting research and surveys for the past 2 years to compile a list of the good chiropractors in Atlanta (with minimal patient complaints) from the bad Atlanta chiropractors (that have many complaints and/or lawsuits).

My goal here is that no one will have to experience what I’ve experienced from these chiropractors who are just in it for the money OR who do not properly care for patients OR they just plain stink! Please review my list of Atlanta area chiropractors to find a suitable chiropractor for you or your family.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Amanda P.

Roswell, GA


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